The following section will go through the deployment of the cloudformation template using the AWS console, with the minimum set of required parameters. See the Custom configuration chapter for detailed information about all available customisation options.

Cloudformation template

Navigate to the AWS Cloudformation console and click Create stack

Copy the following url and paste it into the Amazon S3 URL field, then click Next.

create a cloudformation stack

Specify stack details

  1. Enter a Stack name.

  2. Provide a password for the web admin user

    Firstly generate a strong password for use as your web admin password.

    Here is a handy url to generate a nice long secure password.

    Simply click Generate Password and Copy to your clipboard.

    Paste the password in the WebAdminPassword field. Be sure to save it in your passord manager of choice.

  3. Specify an IP Address CIDR range for web admin and sftp access

    It is best practice to only allow client connections to the service from known IP addresses.

    For the first deployment, set the SftpAllowedCIDR and AdminAllowedCIDR fields to your current IP address. This is easily obtained from here. Ensure you use CIDR notation.

  4. Next

    Then scroll to the bottom and click Next

specify stack details

Configure stack options

Stack options is the next page. Nothing to change here.

Just click Next.

Review and create stack

The next page allows you to review the stack settings.

  1. Scroll to the bottom and click the IAM resources checkbox

  2. Finally click Create stack.

    review stack

  3. Stack creation complete

    After about 5 minutes the stack should have deployed successfully.

    stack complete