Access the web admin interface

Once the stack has successfully deployed, it may take a few minutes for the load balancer checks to succeed and allow traffic to pass to the s3ftp instance.

Find the web admin url

  1. Still in the AWS Cloudformation service, locate the Outputs tab of the deployed s3ftp stack.

    stack outputs

  2. Copy the WebAdminUrl value and paste it into another browser tab.

  3. Acknowledge the TLS connection error

    The default installation has an untrusted certificate installed on the instance, generated by kumulus.Works. Depending on your browser you may see a different message here. Acknowledge the error and proceed to the website.

    tls error

    Once you proceed to the website you will be able to view the certificate details from your browser. For comparison the details of the appliance certificate are as shown here.

    private certificate

    We will fix the certificate error later in the Customise chapter.

Sign in to the web admin interface

  1. Login with the user admin and with the password provided as input to the stack.

    log in

  2. Welcome to the web admin interface

    Here you can manage sftp users and monitor sftp connections.

    web admin interface